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Toxic Free Car Air Freshener

Posted on Apr 16, 2014 in Blog, Live Life Green

Ugh, I got in my car the other day and it just didn’t smell too good.  The windows where up and the temps were in the 70′s that day.  It probably doesn’t help I drive around town with a 100 lb great Pyrenees and a Sheltie in the car.

Store bought air freshers have always made my eyes tear and my nose run, so I knew I wouldn’t reach for one of those!  Air freshers make the room or car smell good {I always find them overpowering}, but they also leave behind toxic residue and are linked to asthma, allergies, cancer, developmental and reproductive toxicity and skin irritation. This is a environmental toxin we can control by simply replacing with a natural product.

As an  essential oil user, I thought I’ll make a toxic free car air freshener.


Create your own simple toxic free car air fresher with essential oils, it’s simple!

Supplies needed:

Cotton ball or cotton disc

Plastic bag

Essential Oil

These are a few essential oil I like because they create alertness and reduce stress.

Lavender – Is soothing and calming, calms anxiety and soothes emotions

Peppermint – Invigorating and improves alertness

Lemon or Orange – Calming and reduces stress

Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the cotton ball and put it in the plastic bag under the seat.

Your car will smell fresh and you’ll be alert, calm and toxic free!!


The Green Coach,



Sources:  EWG.org

Contact Alana if you’d like to purchase high quality essential oils.



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