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Mel’s Mix Soil for Square Foot Gardening

Posted on Apr 29, 2016 in Blog, Square Foot Gardening

You’ve started your raised square foot garden boxes, it’s time to fill them with Mel’s Mix soil.  It would be great if we could run to the local big box or garden center to pick up pre-made Mel’s Mix, for today we can’t, so we’ll show you how to make your own!

Remember the raised box needs only to be 6″ deep and the formula below will fill a 4′ x 4′ box.  This is the perfect mixture of nutrient dense organic matter, it will retain water and is light and airy for the roots.  Because we are adding compost matter to peat moss, you’ll find this is a weedless mixture for your square foot garden.  The 5 types of compost add a diverse amount of nutrients and because compost heats up in the process of composting, weed seed are killed off and won’t germinate.

Supplies needed to make Mel’s Mix soil for your square foot garden are compost, vermiculite and peat moss. You’ll use a 1/3 of each to make the perfect soil for your garden.

2 – 4 cubic foot bags of course vermiculite = 8 cubic feet

1 – 3.9 cubic feet of peat moss  Keep in mind 3.9 cubic feet compact = 8 cubic feet loose, 2.2 cubic feet compact = 4 cubic feet of loose peat moss

8 cubic feet of compost. Compost is a mixture of 5 different types of compost, for example, mushroom, sheep, cow, horse, poultry, vermicomposting,  compost from home compost. This is the key to nutrients, using a blend of 5 different composts. Make the compost mixture on the tarp first.  Save the bags from compost to hold your mixture or keep a bin for your compost mixture.



Mels Mix


After your 5 types of compost are mixed, you’ll add 1/3 of each material and blend on the tarp.  When making this by myself, I only made half at a time which made it simpler for me to blend on the tarp.  If you have 2 people working the tarp you can make the entire mixture at once.

Add the mixture to the garden box 1/3 at a time, water in, add the second 3rd of mixture, water in and finally add the last 1/3 and water in.

Add the square foot garden grid and you are ready to plant!

Sq Ft Garden Boxes


Happy gardening!


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