3 Plants to Improve Indoor Air

Posted on Aug 14, 2014 in Allergy, Blog, Live Life Green

Our homes can be 5-7 times more toxic than the outdoors. It’s estimated the average American spends about 90% of their time indoors. Think about it, all winter we are cooped up, spring/fall pollen keeps us from opening our windows and in the summer were indoors to escape the heat and humidity.

First, take the proper steps to reduce the amount of toxins you bring into your home. Read more:  Get The Toxins Out

Next, add these great plants to your home for improved air quality.  You can find these common plants at a local garden center or at your big box garden center.  Keep in mind, typically these plants will be at capacity in their current pot and will need to be transplanted.  They all require different care, so be sure to follow the best soil for each for transplanting.

 Even if you don’t have a green thumb, these three plant varieties are easy to grow and maintain.

Kamal Meattle shares on Tedx 3 plants to improve indoor air quality and “How to Grow Fresh Air”



Areca Palm – The Living Room Plant

Areca Palm

 This plant that will add beauty to any room and requires minimum care.  Read more:  How to Care for Areca Palm Tree

Mother-in-Laws Tongue – The Bedroom Plant

Mother in Law Tongue

Another plant requiring minimal care.  It’s recommended 6 – 8 waist high plants per person.  This plant is know to convert CO2 to O2.  Care is slightly different because it more of a cactus type plant. Read more: Plant Care Mother-in-Law’s Tongue

And finally the last plant to add:

Money Plant or Devil’s Ivy – The Specialist Plant

Money Plant

Money plant is know to improve the air from off gassing of formaldehyde and VOC’s.

This one of the easiest plants to care for!  Read more:  Money Plant Care

For 10 more easy grow plants to Grow Fresh Air.


Source:  GreenUpGrader, EPA, CPSC


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