Live Life Green

When a health crisis hit my family, it brought me to a place of exploring how I could reduce the risk of disease by making a few simple changes in my diet.  I missed the boat on my home environment and the impact it was having on my health.  

We have the diet down to a science and we finally decided to live a greener life  and it was as simple as switching our store and brands on our monthly shopping list.  There are great products out there, we just had to find them, and find ones that work that don’t cost an arm and a leg. Unfortunately, you cannot trust the label on a cleaning product, the industry is not regulated.  As a family, we have found a store and products that work and have great value and keep us within our monthly budget, and in fact saved us money.  

We’ve done all the leg work to make simple changes to make a HUGE impact on our family’s health and we’d like to share this information with you!  

  If you brush your teeth, use personal care products for men, women and children, do laundry, clean your home, take a nutritional or eat snack foods, there is a safer alternative!    Simple changes can make an impact on thyroid, metabolism, weight loss, eczema, psoriasis, ADD and ADHD, etc. Take a peek at what is in your home and how you also can make a simple change.  This is a concept of switching stores and no new buying decision, just great value and safer products!  

Take a peek, click on the image!





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